Northwest Slope - Bye-bye Himalayan Blackberry!!05/07/2023


Are blackberries your jam? They sure are delicious, but did you know that there are two invasive species of blackberry here in Washington that are jamming up our forests and choking out native species? It's true! But fear not, citizen hero, because on May 7th, 2023 those blackberry will meet you and a small group of likeminded forest advocates at Cottonwood Forest - Snoqualmie's very first Green Snoqualmie site.

Clad in thick gloves, long sleeves, and pants (trust me). you'll use a variety of hand tools to lay waste to these forest invaders while chatting it up with your neighbors and enjoying the beauty of this important urban forest.

Open to the public

All ages OK

11 out of 12 participants registered.

What to Bring

Yourself and a bottle of water. Wear clothes you can get dirty, sturdy shoes, and work gloves if you have them (we have some you can borrow).

Where to Meet

Meet at the site as shown on the map next to the intersection of Linden Loop and Cottonwood Drive.

Meeting Location Map

Where to Park

Ample parking along the streets around Cottonwood Forest. Just pay attention to any no parking signs.

Date & Time

May 7, 2023 9am - 12pm


Trevor Diddell

Jason Battles

Extra Info

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